2019 Collection - Salvatore Plata
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A Mediterranean air

Magic, shine and colour have made a splash in the 2019 collection by Salvatore Plata. Designs inspired by light and shade, nature and the Mediterranean as the real star.

Salvatore Plata cannot deny where it comes from. The Valencian company pays tribute to its roots with this magnificent collection: the light of its coastline, which Sorolla channelled so expressively, its farmhouses, reeds, orange groves, and the moon.

Sea green is the star of the collection. It appears in large earrings, magnificent bracelets and, above all, in the collection of crosses, which are a must-have for 2019.

Another striking line is the exotic, where the combination of hand-painted enamel with blue, peach and pink jades is daring but has a marvellous result.

At the same time, the collections made up of natural topaz and amethyst give off an intense shine that cast purple, green and blue lights throughout this supreme-quality collection.

One of this year’s most interesting developments is a collaboration with Inma Soria, better known as @Coohuco.
With more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram, she will be a great partner in promoting the Salvatore Plata 2019 collection. Keep an eye on our Instagram @salvatore_plata because it will give you a lot to talk about!

Her taste in fashion and creative passion, together with Salvatore’s experience, have resulted in a collection made with unpolished natural stones, with gleaming blacks and turquoises, mounted in simple and wearable designs.

Colección Weeding Salvatore 2019
Colección Weeding Salvatore 2019

For this new season, we also present the most romantic Wedding 2019 collection. It includes very subtle apricot tones, and the carre cut predominates in its designs.
Let’s not forget pearls, presented this time in organic baroque shapes, combined with natural stones in chokers and necklaces of different lengths, with matching earrings and bracelets.