Colección 2020 - Salvatore Plata
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A nod to cultures and aesthetics from around the world.

The quest for the exotic to find the GENUINE. That’s what Salvatore Plata proposes for 2020.

A collection inspired by a melting pot of places, experiences, cultures, traditions and travel.

A journey that has lasted twenty-five Years, when Salvatore Plata was founded, experimenting with designs to become a firmly established player today.

Thanks for helping us dream.

The Genuine collection features actress Ana Rujas, who thanks to her elegance and indisputable beauty has made this collection convey an array of emotions.

Highlights include the large skull pendants, our Catrinas, inspired by South American cultures and the three most characteristic heavenly bodies: the sun, the moon and the star that are the flagships of our 2020 collection. Intense greens, maroons and blues feature on bracelets set with stones, exotic earrings and, of course, our Life in Gold collection, with unmissable designs.

And brand new for 2020 is Freedom, sterling silver pieces with high quality zirconia stones designed to be flexible and wonderfully comfortable.

We’ve also launched a collection known as Papillon, butterfly brooches made with natural wings rescued from butterflies who have gone to the other side. A whole burst of colour.

The bridal collection for 2020 is truly special, dazzling away with its greens and champagne morganite.

For 2020, we’ve also partnered with Inma Soria, @coohuco, who is showcasing her successful Organic collection. It’s formed by three lines: Black, with its platinum-like finish with vibrantly

coloured natural stones; Moon, where various shades of moonstones take centre stage; and Rainbow, more colourful and youthful, featuring mini gemstones with coloured quartz.

And to celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, we’ve designed the “Rosa” pendant, where the Salvatore Plata symbol turns into a jewel. Because women have always been the driving force behind our designs we present LA VIE EN ROSE campaign. 100% of the profit from the sale of this jewel will be donated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, AECC, which will be used for breast cancer research. The greatest gift we can receive for our anniversary is to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause.