Coohuco 2020 - Salvatore Plata
Coohuco 20202020-02-11T19:11:53+02:00

Inma Soria, @coohuco is known for her exquisite taste for fashion and her creative passion. Together we have given life to Organic, a collection made with raw natural stones mounted on simple and very bearable designs.

The Organic by Coohuco collection for 2020 is designed to enchant and thi spring/summer is brimming with new and colourful designs.

Such as this set of oversized sterling silver earrings with a special rhodonite blended with natural amethyst and rutilated quartz. It’s complemented by a wonderful matching ring.

The choice of natural stones for Organic Moon and their combinations was a challenge, with peach playing a key role combined with grey, dusty blue and gold.

Organic Rainbow grows with this line of oversized onyx earrings dyed in various shades and matching medallions, where the colour reminds us of fresh tropical fruits.

Sets of small carved stone that appears in delicate necklaces, bracelets, two-position earrings, climbers, hoops and, of course, in pretty anklets in different shades.

Multiple rings that combine perfectly with all the pieces of this collection.