Rings are one of our strong suits. Whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, we have the perfect ring for you.

If you prefer designs that evoke a sophisticated lifestyle and bygone eras, discover our NEFER, CROWN and HELENICA collections.

If what you need is a pretty ring to wear on special occasions, don’t hesitate to choose one from our LIGHTS or AFTERNOON collection.

Our most special collections of rings are LIFE IN GOLD, with its velvety matte brushed finishes and colored zircons, and NILE, with its original designs in blue enamel and matte gray plating.

Our WEDDINGASTRAL and BALANCED collections are gold- or rhodium-plated, with white zircons in muted or vibrant shades.

And if simplicity is your thing, choose a ring with elegant lines from our  MINIJEWELS and HOOPS collections. Combine them however you like.