Find the perfect combination of style and sophistication!

Discover LIGHTS,, with an exclusive zircon pavé design and a stunning color palette. Explore NEFER, a line that stands out for the classic elegance of its vibrant center zircons.

ASTRAL and WEDDING chain link bracelets in a variety of gold- and rhodium-plated finishes. TRIGO, with a herringbone design, to add a touch of elegance to any style.

RAINBOW, a colorful design that will let you experience the intensity of its vibrant hues.

NILE, gold-plated bangles, with blue or matte gray enamel. BAMBOO, with a brushed finish, and JUNGLE, our snake with engraved scales and white zircons. Designs inspired by symbology and nature!!

Pearls are back and stronger than ever thanks to our new HELENICA line! Combining the elegance of pearls with large chain links is the key to a sophisticated and contemporary look.

MINIJEWELS offers us perfect bracelets with small pearls combined with zircon, for people looking for a touch of elegance in their everyday life.

BLINK Tennis bracelets with rhodium, gold or ruthenium plating and colored zircons. Combine them to shine.