Riviere-style, bangle, cuff, and chain bracelets, with zirconia and different finishes and gold, rose-gold, rhodium and ruthenium plated. Quintessential Salvatore Plata designs!

Coloured, sterling silver, gold-plated, with zirconia and vibrant enamels. Find it all in our GLOW and COLOR BLOCK collections.

Silver bracelets combined with cotton twine. Perfect for comfortable everyday wear. Choose from the ISOLA collection, with hematite and gold-plated beads or the ever elegant RIO bracelets or unmissable new CAPRI double-threaded leather items in silver.

BAHÍA bracelets are your go-to for natural stones and steel. Over ten different models to choose from.

The most fashionable bracelets that you will find are in our MINIJEWELS collection.

The special touch that every bride wants. Something that is rest assured with a pretty, delicate WEDDING bracelet.