Step into the boldness of our latest collection, ELECTRA, with grand earrings featuring rounded shapes. Super voluminous pieces that reflect modern elegance with a daring and unique touch.

If you’re in search of earrings for a special occasion and love color, we present our lines: LIGHTS, with its radiant rectangular hoop earrings, and AFTERNOON, featuring high-quality cubic zirconia and crystals set in stunning designs.

VIBRANT stands out for the harmony of its fresh and summery tones, highlighting the stones in various sizes and cuts that blend together to create sets with a fresh and summery style.

If you desire a subtle touch of sparkle for your everyday look or something dazzling for a special occasion, your line is CROWN.

If you prefer the elegance of rhodium with large colored cubic zirconias, earrings that make you the perfect guest at a wedding or the protagonist of your own story, your sure bet is the BALANCED collection.

On the most special day of your life, the choice of your jewelry is essential to enhance your beauty and unique personality! Our WEDDING earring line will surprise you with its variety and design.

Our most original designs! In the BAMBOO line, you’ll find brushed smooth earrings with an elegant matte finish, geometric shapes, and a captivating color palette that will leave you fascinated.


Fascinating baroque pearls in earring designs that will enchant you. HELENICA combines gold tones with pearls in various sizes, while ORGANIC presents them combining natural stones of ideal colors.

Color takes the spotlight in both large-sized and mini earrings, with natural stones combining malachite with special moss quartz and blue sodalite with hydro tourmaline of exquisite transparency.

ORGANIC: Larimar, agate, tourmaline, aventurine, quartz, topaz, amethyst, and labradorite are other summery combinations that you will love.

Nature inspires NENUPHAR, transporting us to the serenity and color palette of lakes, where the garnet flower of water lilies displays all its splendor among green and blue hues.

And if you’re looking for something truly ‘coquette,’ ORGANIC PETITE is your collection. Green tones with pinks take center stage.

Discover the fusion of elegance and grandeur in our NILE and LIFE IN GOLD lines. Each piece brings a unique experience. Are you daring enough?

HOOPS is our line of hoop earrings featuring original shapes among which you can choose from over 40 different models.

Don’t miss out on the latest MINIJEWELS. From our original and best-selling SPIKE to chain necklaces and earrings with colored cubic zirconias.

Mini earrings for everyday wear are among the best sellers at Salvatore Plata. Ideal for mixing and matching, studs, pearls, spikes… Don’t miss out on our MINIJEWELS!

And if you feel like creating your own combinations, there’s MISCELLANY!