Color stands out in this selection of necklaces.

Plated in a variety of colors combining cubic zirconia and crystals in bold tones: greens, oranges, pinks, lavenders, and blues in the case of AFTERNOON.

VIBRANT presents a dreamy choker crafted in various colors, LIGHTS surprises us with chain necklaces in colorful links, and NEFER with its characteristic style reinterpreting the classics.

CROWN now introduces its necklaces to match the popular rings.

BALANCED highlights its necklaces with large cubic zirconias boasting exquisite transparency and brilliance.

Elegant chokers and necklaces TRIGO, featuring spike-shaped pave in white or colored cubic zirconia. Baroque-style WEDDING pendants that double as brooches.

And the star of the ASTRAL line, the two-tone necklace with a gold-plated central link adorned with white cubic zirconias.

Versatile necklaces! Lightweight like those of BAMBOO, with geometric shapes of various sizes and enamelled in unique tones.

If you like pearls and links, HELENICA is your collection. Long necklaces or chokers with baroque pearls that are a must-have in your jewelry collection.

Pearls are in fashion and stand out in ORGANIC alongside the colors of natural stones. Necklaces with drops and beads of larimar, agate, tourmaline, aventurine, quartz, topaz, amethyst, and labradorite. This summer, add some color!

At Salvatore Plata, you can find necklaces of all styles from MINIJEWELS, from chokers with colored cubic zirconias to mini necklaces with pearls for the simplest looks.


Ready to shine? Do it with BLINK’s riviere necklaces, with over 20 models to choose from or mix and match.