If you are on the lookout for some earrings for a special occasion and love a splash of colour, ask your jeweller for the VIBRANT, AFTERNOON and GENUINE collections. Sterling silver with zirconia and superior quality crystals set in stunning designs.

Should you prefer plain silver designs with a gold or rhodium finish, the BAMBOO, LIFE IN GOLD, and the new ORINOCO collections are a must.

Colour is what makes Salvatore Plata, and its enamel earrings are a trend that is here to stay.

Your best outfits will burst with colour with the GLOW calabrote chain links and our popular COLOR BLOCK collection.

Hoops? We can’t get enough of them! In various sizes, with zirconia or plain, discover all the versions that you can choose from.

You’ll be sure to love our BOHO line!

Be bold, be yourself. This selection of earrings will break the monotony.

Ask for the collections RATCHET and JUNGLE collections from your jeweller’s and be blown away.

Gold is always a good choice and both our ASTRAL and LIGHTS collections make it shine by combining it with white zirconia.



You’ll find the sweetest designs in rose-gold-plated sterling silver in our BOREAL, VIBRANT and ECLAT lines,

either with white zirconia or pastel colours including pink, purple, blue and aquamarine.

Big day drawing near?

Choose some earrings from our WEDDING line, you can’t go wrong.

The everyday mini earrings are bestsellers at Salvatore Plata. Ideal for combining two or more, or with hoops, small pearls and spikes… don’t miss our MINIJEWELS!